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Art of Calligraphy – Solo Exhibition by Zhang Chun Lei

Artist Profile: Zhang Chun Lei

27 Oct, 2022

Art Of Calligraphy

Words are the symbol of civilization!

Chinese characters have recorded history and illustrated the great Chinese civilisation. Art-Calligraphy is the expression of Chinese characters in writing. It contains the philosophy and aesthetics of Easterners, inherited and cultivated from generation to generation.

For so many years, Zhang Chun Lei has been trying to portray and create his own form of expression using characters and phrases that the Chinese never tire of seeing and reading. The artist also wants to give his work new thinking, interpretations, and elements to enrich its connotation and make it more contemporary!

This series follows the ideas of the artist and is the fruition of his many years of exploration and research in the field of the arts.







Exhibition Details:
4th – 30th Nov 2022
315 Outram Road, #02-04, Singapore 169074
11AM – 7PM, Open Daily


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