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Cosmic Variations – Solo Exhibition by Wong Tze Chau

Artist Profile: Wong Tze Chau

30 Aug, 2022

Cosmic Variations

The title of this series is inspired by the concept of Variations in classical music. I love the idea of creating endless variations and improvisations upon a few simple structures.

This series, which I started in March 2022, is a development on my decade-long concept of Oneness. It is a return to simple forms and pure colours as I want to create something more abstract and universal. 

The basis of visual arts is forms and colours.

The essence of forms is dot.

Forms slowly emerge by splattering layers upon layers of dots over months with minimum contact between brush and canvas.

Harmony is attained by balancing the duality of chance/control, structure/variation, light/darkness, simplicity/ complexity….

Each individual painting is an abstract work with a certain imagery of the macro cosmo or micro cosmo. This on-going series is a quest of connection between individual existence and cosmic presence. 

Dot Series

The universe is a manifestation of infinite forms. 

At macro level there is one universal force that unites everything while at micro level every being is made up of atoms which are essentially the same.

A Greek sculpture that fell from pedestal and broke into thousands pieces, eventually returned to the smallest particles. A human hand that is holding a paint brush today might be made up of one of the participles from ancient Greece. The cycle goes on.

The ancient concept of Oneness has always been fascinating to me. All being are connected through interdependence. Stripping off mask and forms we will find the same core hidden within.

Dots are used to form words in different languages. Words are the symbols of different people and cultures. My aim is to create a bridge between different realms. I believe that there could be harmony in this increasingly divisive world if we see beyond differences.

Exhibition Details:
2nd – 29th Sept 2022
315 Outram Road, #02-04, Singapore 169074
11AM – 7PM, Open Daily

Artist Meet & Greet Details:
10th Sept 2022, Saturday
315 Outram Road, #02-04, Singapore 169074
3PM – 4PM

Artist Exhibition Behind The Scene Details:
10th Sept 2022
315 Outram Road, #02-04, Singapore 169074


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