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Samantha Redfern


United Kingdom / Singapore

Samantha Redfern has always been passionate about the arts from a young age. She studied art and design in high school and in college before completing a BA Hons in Fine Art degree at the University in the city of Bath.

Before venturing into the arts industry, she embarked on a journey in the corporate world, meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life. When she started a family, she decided to dedicate her time to take care of her three children instead. It is during those times where her passion for painting reignited and she had the revelation to start her own art business here in Singapore. She began painting, selling her artworks and taking up commissions to paint mostly portraits of people as well as animals.

Her paintings consist mainly of evocative, abstract seascapes capturing movement and atmosphere. Recently, she has been inspired to paint the diverse flora and fauna of Singapore, capturing them in variation of colour and form in her works. Her works comprises of an array of shapes of flowers as well as leaves with a plain white background, making a striking dichotomy between the vivid plants and surroundings.

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