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Wang Miao


China / Singapore

After graduating from Shandong University of Arts, she was offered a scholarship at NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) to major in Fine Arts in Singapore. Upon her graduation in 2006, she joined Livingwithart Singapore as a residential artist and has completed numerous commissions and commercial-projects.

With 10 years of art painting experience as our in-house artist, Wang Miao is the artist behind the scenes of our company in creating a myriad of artworks presented in Livingwithart Singapore.

She creates an array of paintings from landscape, modern, abstract, floral to feng shui paintings and is adept in switching from one style to another. Her forte heavily lies in Feng Shui art and floral paintings. Mao’s ability to produce such versatile and exquisite paintings can be accounted through her years of practice, hard work and patience.

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