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Zhu Hui Min

Zhu Huimin was born in 1972 in Yushan, Jiangxi province, and is currently residing in Guangdong province, China. Zhu is a professional painter, National First Class Artist, and National Senior artist and craftsman. He graduated from the China Academy of Art, Central Institute of Arts and Crafts (Now renamed Academy of Arts & Design􀉼 Tsinghua University), and he studied under the mentorship of master Wu Guanzhong. Zhu Huimin’s early works focused on researching master Wu Guanzhong’s visual language and re-inventing Master Wu’s style into more simplified and graphic shapes. Zhu uses the organic combination of dots, lines, and planes to create a new way of illustrating the sceneries of Jiangnan. After 2015, Zhu’s style changed dramatically from figurative to purely abstract, from rational to perceptual. The medium of Chinese ink on Xuan paper (Rice paper) remained a foundation of Zhu’s artwork, however, he also combined mediums like gouache, and acrylic into his work, and added torn paper to create collages. This made Zhu’s painting full of unpredictable excitement, mystery, and originality, creating a unique painterly effect. The small and large dots break the composition forms Zhu’s complete and unique “Comprehensive Ink Painting”.

Later, Zhu Huimin visited Jingdezhen. There, he integrated the white and blue colors on ancient Qinghua porcelain with elegant sceneries of Jiangnan province. His abstract style clashed with he orderly style of traditional Qinghua porcelain. He found spirituality within the breakage and vitality within the change. Zhu’s creation combined painting and porcelain into a unique whole and built a new world in porcelain painting. His work was fully affirmed and praised by experts and

Zhu’s work has been exhibited around the world in France, Canada, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Italy, Hong Kong, and cities like Shenzhen, Huzhou, and Jiangmen in mainland China. He actively participates in charity work and public welfare. Zhu also corporates with many auction houses, with a single piece sold for 500,000 USD. His work was collected by numerous government, museums, art galleries, and collectors.

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