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Artist: Evangeline Ang

One blob at a time…. this is how each of the art pieces in her Fantasy series was built. With the intention of creating a dimensional illusion where the painting seems to move and follow the viewer observing it from different angles, Evangeline created something that looks simple yet a closer look at it shows the in depth complexity. A dominant colour, curves and depth is what one sees from afar but step up close and multitudes of colours exclude from between and beneath each blob of texture that were diligently added one blob at a time. (With phone cameras always handy these days, viewers should whip out their camers and scan the painting and be treated to a colourful dance of colours which are hidden from the naked eye.)

Contemporary in style, another point of interest is touch. The thick texture always tempts the viewer to want to reach out and feel the painting. In Evangeline’s pieces, there are always hidden colours amongst the obvious which can be found when closely observed and she hopes the viewer enjoys the richness of the painting as much as she enjoyed every moment creating it.

Dimension: 920mm x 920mm (without frame)
980mm x 980mm (with frame)

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