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Big Bunny feat. Hoksan at CNY Party


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Artist: Nana Tedja

Bumble Ming: “hey, this orange is for you”
Big Bunny: “thanks, but why are you giving me these oranges?”
Bumble Ming: ” you are will prosperous, rich and safe”
That afternoon Big Bunny (big blue bunny) was bored at home and went downtown. Bunny is finally in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The lion dance performed by young Hoksan (dark blue below right) so impressing his heart. Bunny also see the Lay see movement (top center green), the hoksan dance movement taking an envelope filled with money with his mouth. Also can see many lampion in a left side. Suddenly came over to Bunny by giving an orange (top left), a friendly turquoise green robot, his name is Bumble Ming (top right). That’s where Big Bunny introduced himself to his new friends. Bumble Ming is a robot whose function is to store envelopes of money that Hoksan gets and also to store oranges. Oranges in CNY celebration mean luck, rich, wealth and safety. Bunny is a rabbit, also there is a beautiful pig named pinky pigi (below left). Pigs in the year of the rabbit will have good for luck. Finally, Big Bunny got new friends, the two of them also danced happily with Hoksan in the celebration and back at home full of happiness.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year 2023

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