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Fun Tastic, Thats What Friends Are For


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Artist: Nana Tedja

Dolphin de pillow: “hkkk.. Help me”
Suddenly people surrounded him and tried to help him.
Dumbo: “what’s wrong?”
Timothy : “Dolphin choked on candy”
Patrik: “I warned him not to run around while eating candy”
Donald duck: “but he keeps running even until his body rolls around”
Lowering his face, Zebra said
Zebra: “I was invited to play, and I ran with him”
The incident had passed without any more worries, from the early Dumbo knew that Dolphin was choking and immediately helped pat Dolphin’s nape and back so that the candy would come out of his mouth. And it worked. Togetherness that makes them close friends, regardless of the differences in origin and skin color they have. Fun Tastic, have fun together.
– Dumbo (big blue elephant on bottom right)
– Dholpin de pillow (blue above, middle)
– Timothy (a mouse, right side of dolphins)
– Patrik (right side of Timothy)
– Zebra (bottom left orange)
– Donald Duck (top left)


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year 2023

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