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Planet of The Apes


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Artist: Nana Tedja

Harry cuan, age 5 yo (bottom left blue) , went walkday in the large city park and its lake with his mom Bakk Angela (female left) and storm (puppy above Harry). Suddenly Harry was released from his mom supervision because he was chasing butterflies, further away and storm could not track him, storm’s sense of smell was disturbed because he had an influenza 😂😂. Two evil twin woman named Suzy Mad and Dolly Beer (bottom right) came to kidnap Harry by seducing Harry to give him a bigger and prettier butterfly. Harry was interested but ended up screaming in terror as the 2 woman took him running. Harry’s screams were heard by monkey policeman Broom Axe (top right), chief monkey cop David Rock (dark blue to the left of Broom Axe) and also the drone monkey police Jimmy Well (left of David), Jimmy has a propeller on his head. and is also assisted by kind uncle Moustache Green (bottom middle green with hat). Finally Suzy and Dolly are caught, Harry is returned to his mom. Lesson for Harry, in a new place can’t stay away from Mom existence and don’t be easily persuaded by strangers Harry don’t know.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year 2023

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