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Robo Raffles1819


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Artist: Nana Tedja

Robo Raffles1819 is my imagination of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles made a robo. Sir Raffles is a big and important person for the existence of Singapore. If Robo Raffles1819 was made as a super hero, it would be very exciting. Sir Raffles is a real super hero. There are super heroes Spiderman, superman, marvel, batman, etc also there is a bear brick as a very global icon, why not Robo Raffles? I fantasize, robo Raffles1819 should be able to become a super hero robo that the children and people here are proud of. Sir Raffles was also given the title Sir by the Queen of England. there is a crown in the painting as confirmation. Sir Raffles is also smart, sympathetic, handsome and dashing, suitable to be a proud super hero Robo.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year 2023

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