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The Reason of My Happiness is You


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Artist: Nana Tedja

Flashback, 20 years ago
Susanti Slamet: “Stop Pap! Stop! Don’t hit Mom again..!!!
Susanti couldn’t bear to see her Pap beat her Mom every day for no apparent reason. Susanti ran out towards the edge of the Singapore River and cried, screaming to her male friends, Daren Cheng.
Susanti Slamet: “Daren…!!! Daren…!! Where are you?”
It didn’t take long for Daren to show up, because this place was a place for 2 friends to confide in as well as schoolmates and neighbors.
Daren Cheng : “Susanti, why are you crying?”
Susanti: “My Pap… My Pap..”
Suddenly Susanti’s hand was pulled by a dashing and cruel figure while dragging her away in the opposite direction from where Daren was standing.
Pap: “We’re going home now!! We’re going home.. Now!!! ”
Susanti moves away from Daren, Daren tries to reach Susanti’s hand, who keeps screaming and crying to lose Daren…(this scene is in slow motion)
At the moment..
It seems that for 20 years Susanti and her family have returned to their home country. After finally Susanti ventured to come back to Singapore after her childhood trauma..
(on that painting Susanti Slamet bottom left, Daren Cheng on the right of Susanti) Daren Cheng : “Hi beautiful, thanks for coming”
Susanti: “What do you think is it? All your chats tease me.”
While leaning against the railing of the Singapore River Daren continued.
Daren Cheng: “But you like it and enjoyed, do you?”
Susanti Slamet: “I do .”
(😂Daren smilling)
Daren Cheng: “Hey.. because of your design, my company won the auction, so you have to be professional as my work partner.”
Susanti Slamet: “I know, but I dared to step closer to you because you opened up, after that you felt uncomfortable, you closed everything and now you put me in a difficult position” .
Daren Cheng:” Means you are attracted to me, right?”
Susanti answered briefly,
Susanti Slamet: “You are my type Daren.. (Damn😂)”
Daren Cheng: “You have deep feelings, don’t get carried away.”
Susanti Slamet: I’m an artist, I work with feeling, not with a mind like you. And you’re like a Robot, cold”.
On the banks of the Singapore River, witnessed by the dashing statue of Sir
Thomas Stamford Raffles, and among them there are several tourists from abroad, old buildings, pet and boats passing by the river…
The story of this drama just fiktif, and to be continued. I don’t want to end the story yet and will continue at my painting exhibition next year. This painting is serial.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year 2023

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