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Artist: Wong Tze Chau

ART (English)   கலை (Tamil)   艺术 (Chinese)   SENI (Malay)

This is the very first painting that I created for this series and I used Damien Hirst’s dot painting as my point of departure. Many laymen might question the artistic value of Hirst’s dot series. They think, ‘oh well, I can jolly well do that.’ In fact they are right. Damien Hirst hires many assistants to paint the colourful dots and you might land the job with some basic painting skill.

However you cant question the artistic value of my work.

If you ask me,’ Is this art?’

The answer is ‘Of course it is ART!’

Dimension: 910 x 1220mm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2020

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