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Artist: Wong Tze Chau

Θάνατος (Death in Greek)   الحياة (Life in Arabic)   (Life in Chinese)

இறப்பு  (Death in Tamil)    החיים (Life in Hebrew)     VITA (Life in Latin)

الموت (Death in Arabic)   जिंदगी (Life in Hindi)    Ζωή(Life in Greek)

(Death in Chinese)     வாழ்க்கை (Life in Tamil)

מוות  (Death in Hebrew)     MORTEM (Death in Latin)    मौत  (Death in Hindi)

Every form is merely a temporary manifestation.

It comes and goes. Atoms constantly rearrange themselves to form different beings.

Humans celebrate life and shun death. The truth is that life and death are recurring stages of an endless cycle.

Dimension: 910 x 1220mm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2020

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