Kevin Tan Ngee Chye, Clarke Quay, oil on canvas, 50 x 50cm.

Singapore’s Identity In the art scene

12 November 2019 3.35pm

We often say, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures with our diverse races, religions, and cultures. As such, this pot gives Singapore a vibrant and diverse potential in the development of arts. Art reflects culture and in turn refines it, creating a virtuous and healthy cycle within the arts scene.

Some would say that Singapore has no national identity in art.

To understand Singapore’s identity in art, we must first look at its history.
The local art scene dates to immigrants bringing in calligraphy, porcelain, and sculptures from China.

The early fine art in Singapore then was heavily influenced by Chinese culture, and soon the Nanyang Style in fine art was founded by these settlers. The art style made its major debut in Singapore’s art history during the 1950s where four of the six pioneer local artists, Chen Chong Swee, Liu Kang, Chen Wen Hsi, and Cheong Soon Pieng, returned to homeland with rural scenes of Bali and its villagers, using Chinese coloured ink, or oil on canvas.

Though the Nanyang Style has its origins with the Chinese, its incorporation of the paintings’ details and the medium materialized from other parts of the world, such as Indonesia and Europe. In hindsight, this proclamation can be recognised from one of the six principles laid down by Lim Hak Tai – the unification of western and eastern art, when he founded the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore’s first art institution. With this universal culture, the movement was solidified with forms of expressions from local beliefs and practices.

The art scene in Singapore today has changed drastically with foreign influences
– expressed in various art forms, and in numerous mediums and media. Paintings have been heavily influenced by the European style as seen from one of our local artists, Kevin Tan, in one of his works titled Clarke Quay. The bustling city translated through the vibrancy in his colour palette.

Despite it all, the Nanyang Style was considered the closest indigenous art style that Singapore possesses, even though it carries influences from abroad.

Head on down to our gallery at 315 Outram Road, or visit our website at to explore the array of paintings and other art pieces from our local and international artists, including the Clarke Quay.

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Aaron Gan


Born in Singapore in 1979, Gan graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Dean’s List) from the University of Western Australia in 2003. Aaron left his successful corporate life and began painting full-time in 2012 after joining the Singapore Watercolour Society. He is also a member of the NAFA

(Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) Club and Singapore Art Society. He was selected to be one of three Asians at the International Watercolour Biennial in Belgium (2012) and his work has been the subject of many media stories, especially following his first solo exhibition that was completely sold out.

Aaron Gan is the 2015 UOB Painting of the Year, Gold Award, Established Artist Category, Singapore winner. Following his numerous sell-outs shows, Gan’s artworks have been collected and commissioned widely both in Singapore and internationally. These include The Prime Minister’s Office, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, GIC, Citibank, Wheelock Properties, Julius Baer, The Association of Banks in Singapore and others.

Gan’s work have been presented to foreign dignitaries around the world. During Singapore’s PM Lee’s inaugural visit to the US in 2016, his painting “Balestier Road” was presented to US President Barack Obama.

In 2017, he collaborated with Nespresso on a regional media campaign spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. In 2018, Gan was appointed the Art Ambassador for Faber-Castell, Singapore.

Solo Exhibition

2014 – Vivid Vistas, Utterly Art Gallery, Singapore

2014 – Aaron Gan’s Showcase, Ode to Art Gallery, Singapore

2013 – A Point of View, Utterly Art Gallery, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibition

2014 – Singapore Art Fair, Singapore

2014 – Citizen Art Shanghai, Shanghai

2014 – Kwerkee Art Launch Exhibition, Singapore

2014 – Convergences, Asia Art Collective, Singapore

2013-2014 – Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

2013-2014 – Art Apart Fair, Singapore

2012-2014 – Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2012-2014 – NAFA Club Annual Exhibition, Singapore

2012-2014 – Singapore Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition, Singapore

2012-2014 – Singapore Art Society Annual Exhibition, Singapore

2012 – International Watercolour Biennial, Belgium

Interviews and Reviews

”The transparency of Aaron Gan’s worth and watercolours”, Pwee Keng Hock, 2013

“His first solo show sold out”, The New Paper, 2013

“Drawn to Art”, The Straits Times, 2013

“Trading his suits for painting brushes”, The New Paper 2012

“The challenge of change”, Choy Weng Yang, 2012

“颜明正重彩出击”, Lianhe Zaobao, 2013

Collections and Commissions


Keppel FES

Ministry of Foreign Aairs

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Leo Hee Tong


Leo Hee Tong (b. 1 August 1940) is a second-generation Singapore artist. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions, and has received many awards including four Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards by the Singapore Art Society as well as nine Distinction Awards at the UOB Painting of the Year Exhibition.

Working with either acrylic, oil or mixed media on canvas, Leo’s paintings often entail rich symbolism and meaning; among his more well-known motifs are pigeons and walls.

Leo attended the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) from 1957 to 1960. Although the pursuit of art was not strongly encouraged then, Leo had the support of his father who saw him through his studies. While studying at NAFA, Leo was mentored by the late pioneer artist, Cheong Soo Pieng. Cheong was an important influence during Leo’s formative years and on his early works. This is evident in his paintings Hiroshima and Winter, both made in 1975.

Leo has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions. His first solo exhibition was held in Japan in 1973 during his studies at Ashiya Art College. He has since exhibited widely in Singapore and abroad, including Taiwan, Monaco, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. He has won numerous awards, including nine Distinction Awards in the UOB Painting of the Year Exhibitions and four Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards.

Selected solo exhibitions

1973: Kobe Suma City Council Building Ward Office Gallery, Suma, Japan

1992: Expressions of Time, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

2007: Revisited Expressions of Time, Metakaos Art Gallery, Singapore

2012: Flight of Fantasy, Dahlia Gallery, Singapore

2014: Five Decades of Leo Hee Tong, Art Fellas, Singapore

Selected group exhibitions

1968: Five Man Art Exhibition, National Library, Singapore

1969: Salon Malaysia Art Competition Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1969: Three Man Autumn Art Exhibition, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore

1970–81: National Day Art Exhibition, various locations, Ministry of Culture, Singapore

1972: Two Man Art Exhibition, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore

1976: Inaugural exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1977: The First Asian Art Exhibition, Hong Kong

1979: Modern Art Exhibition, Taichung Culture Center, Taiwan

1981: International Grand Prix of Contemporary Art, Congress Centre Auditorium, Monte Carlo, Monaco

1981: Exhibition of Asian Art, Regency Intercontinental Hotel, Manama, Bahrain

1982: Inaugural Exhibition of The Japan International Artists Society, Japan

1984: Singapore Art 1974–1983, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1988: Artistes Contemporains de Singapour, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1988: The First Exhibition of Federation of Asian Art Association, Taiwan

1989: New York Art Expo, Javits Conventional Centre, New York, United States

1990: 1st Bru-Sin Art Exhibition, Brunei

1990: 12 Contemporary Singapore Artists, University of East Asian, Macau

1991: Change: 20 Singapore Artists Art Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1992: Artseen, National Art Gallery & Museum, Wellington, New Zealand

1993: 8th International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka City Museum of Art, Japan

1994: Modern Art Society 30th Anniversary Art Exhibition, Riverwalk Gallery Exhibition Hall, Singapore

1998: 4 Perspectives Exhibition, The National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2000: Asian Art 2000: A Vision of Change, University of Brighton, United Kingdom

2002: Japan Modern Art Society Art Exchange Exhibition, Osaka, Japan

2005: Important Second Generation Artists Series, DLR Gallery, Singapore

2017: Transcend: 50 years of Singapore Modern Art, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore

Yeo Siak Goon


Yeo Siak Goon 杨昔银 (born 1957, Malaysia) commenced his practice as an amateur artist. He arrived in Singapore at the age of 14 and worked in a small advertising agency, and subsequently as a book designer. Yeo took art courses in the evenings, studying under Leo Hee Tong and Hua Chai Yong, and spent weekends painting along the Singapore River.

He participated widely in art competitions and won several commendations and awards. These include the IBM Art Award (1987), the Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award from the Singapore Art Society (1984, 1986 and 2011) and the first prize (Figurative category) at the UOB Painting of the Year (1990).

Yeo has held six solo exhibitions and participated in innumerable shows since 1977. His works represented Singapore in numerous group exhibitions held in China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, USA, the Netherlands, and Australia. He has won the first prize in the UOB Painting of the Year competition, 1990. His works have also been collected by the National Museum of Singapore, ARAM Museum, Bali, United Overseas Bank, International Enterprise Singapore, IBM Singapore, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel, Singapore and several other locations local and overseas.

Yeo has exhibited locally and in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, France, the Netherlands and the United States of America. These include group exhibitions at the National Museum Art Gallery (1980, 1985, 1987 and 1991), the Empress Place Museum (1990), the Singapore Art Museum (2006), the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (1985, Taiwan) and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (2004, Japan). Yeo’s works are in the collections of Singtel and the Agung Rai Museum of Art, Bali.

Nancy Lang

South Korea

Nancy Lang, also known as “the walking Pop Art,” started making a name for herself with performance entitled “Uninvited Dreams and Conflicts; Taboo Yogini Series” that crashed the Venice Biennale and New York’s Time Square. Since her debut, she promoted popularization of art through countless collaborations with various industry and art works that covers a wide range of territories, thus becoming the most controversial pop artist of South Korea.

She has had over 15 exhibitions, and with “top online search word list” being one of her many nicknames, she is playing an active part in media world, encompassing the fields of art and television. Recently, she put on a performance in London entitled “U.K project- Beggar the Queen” tailored to the theme of “an individual is the nation” while continuing to shock the world with artworks she has been preparing for years. In 2012, she put on her solo exhibition “Interference of Domestic Affairs” and voting encouragement performance “Ang” live in front of the Blue House through global media. She also performed the Vaginal Monologues recently, and this year she is doing a collaboration project with Hansa Toy and transforming herself to become the first Korean artist slash official entrepreneur, turning the value of Nancy Lang into artwork and a brand name, and in doing so displaying unrelenting challenging spirit and passion of the pop artist.

Selected exhibitions

2019 – Taboo Yogini- Life and Death, Gallery ab, Seoul/ Korea (preparing on June)

2018 – Taboo Yogini- Hollywood Love, Gallery Owall, Seoul/ Korea

2015 – Taboo Yogini- Power Up, Gallery Eve. Seoul/ Korea

2013 – Nancy Land and her Kangnam friends, TV12 Gallery, Seoul/ Korea

2012 – Interference of domestic affairs, Gallery Palled Seoul, Seoul/ Korea

2010 – Beggar the Queen (U.K. Project), London/ U.K.

2009 – Callendar Girl, Jang Eunsun Gallery, Seoul/ Korea

2007 – Taboo Yogini Series in Paris, Galerie Martin et Thibault de La Chatre, Paris/ France

2007 – Nancy Lang meets Flatron, Gallery Seoho, Seoul/ Korea

2006 – Modern Art in Bikinis, Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul/ Korea

2005 – Taboo Yogini Series 2, Gallery Demain, Seoul/ Korea

2004 – Unknown Night with Nancy Lang, Chungamdong‘S’bar, Seoul/ Korea

2004 – SFAF Korean Modern Art 10 day Market: YOU LOST, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul/ Korea

2003 – MANIF9! 2003 Seoul International Art Fair: Taboo Yogini Series 1, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul/ Korea

2002 – Energy Flow, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul/ Korea

2001 – Fly Me to the Paradise, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul/ Korea

Sung Ae Ri

South Korea

Born and raised in South Korea, Sung Ae Ri, is an established artist with more than twenty years of experience currently based in Seong Nam, South Korea, frequently travelling around for exhibitions. She held 45 times of private exhibitions, and has 214 group exhibitions and invitation exhibition for Arts Project.

Ae Ri’s paintings embrace the unique beauty of Asian motifs expressed with western techniques. Koi and Peony, two of the most iconic objects that symbolize wealth, prosperity, and abundance in Asian art, are delicately expressed with her unique combination of acrylics and watercolour. Ae Ri paints Koi and Peony in one frame to capture each entity’s aspiration to another world. Koi and Peony is connected with their common dependence on water for their own survival, yet they are fated to exist in two different worlds –each above water, and under water. As the title of her previous solo exhibition, “Elegant Imagination”, suggests, her paintings fully express her own aspirations towards the new world and towards the impossible.

Exhibitions & Awards

2019 – Singapore Bank Art Fair

2018 – BAMA (Busan) . Singapore Affordable, Seoul Art Show, UM Gallery Invitation Solo Exhibition

2017 – Guangzhou International Art Fair

2015 – New York Able Fine Art Gallery Invitation Solo Exhibition

– Dubai Art Fair, Busan Art Fair, Daegu Art Fair, Hong Kong Contemporary

2014 – Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2012 – Seoul Open Art Fair, KIAF. Kungju ART FAIR

2006 – San Diego Art Fair C.J Gallery, U.S.A

2005 – L.A Art Fair J.D Gallery, U.S.A

2003 – 1st Private Exhibition (LAMER Gallery)

Group Exhibitions

2019 – Singapore Bank Artfair prepare Exhibition

2015 – Pyeongchang Biennale Dmzbyeolgok tour exhibition

2012- 2016

Exhibition Group “mull”. , International Women`s Arts Festival

2009 – Exhibition of Summer Art Festival 6 artists, Yougen Gallery, Ginza, Japan

2005 – Invitation Exhibition for The Opening Ceremony of SungNam Art Center, Bundang City Kyung Gi, Province, Korea

2003 – Invitation Exhibition for The Opening Ceremony of Gail Art Gallery, Gapung City, Kyung Gi Province, Korea

2002 – Interchange Exhibition between Germany and Korea, invited from Forum Gallery, Germany

Wang Miao


“Dreams are just dreams unless you are willing to go the extra mile and make them real”. With 10 years of art painting experience our in-house artist, Wang Miao, has been the adept master creator of outstanding artworks presented at Livingwithart Singapore.

Creating Art Works from an array of art movements, abstract to landscapes paintings, her forte heavily lies in Feng Shui art and floral paintings. Miao’s ability to produce such delicate and exquisite paintings can be accounted for in years of practice, hard work, and patience.

After graduating from Shandong University of Arts, she was offered a scholarship at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to major in Fine Arts in Singapore. Upon her 2006 graduation she joined Livingwithart Singapore as in-house artist and has completed countless commissioned residential and commercial projects in Singapore.

Having built on her experiences, Wang Miao produced even more refined and elegant art works subsequently, bringing smiles and compliments from art lovers and gratified clients alike.

Selected exhibitions

2019 – Cultural Houses Series Exhibition LWA Gallery Tan Boon Liat, Singapore

2017 – Mountain Series Exhibition LWA Gallery Tan Boon Liat, Singapore

2016 – Exhibition EAT.ME Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore

2014 – Floral Series Exhibition LWA Gallery Toa Payoh, Singapore

2010 – Exhibition Molecule Great World City, Singapore

Samantha Redfern

United Kingdom/Singapore

Samantha Redfern is a British artist based in Singapore. Upon graduation in 2004 with a BA Hons Fine Art in the City of Bath, she embarked into a successful career in sales before becoming a mother to three children. Samantha began work as a freelance artist around her family.

After relocating to Singapore, she set up her own art business. With her children growing up, she realised the time was right to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time artist. Earlier this year, she was signed to her first gallery and partook in her first art show. Since then, she has signed up to participate in five more art shows before the end of 2019, and is signed to take part in two art shows in Vietnam and Vancouver in 2020 so far.


Selected exhibitions

2019 – Artist Talk – Lookbox Saturday Indesign, Singapore

2019 – Bank Art Fair, Shangri La Singapore

2019 – Floral Series Exhibition LWA Gallery Tan Boon Liat, Singapore

Hudi Alfa


Hudi Alfa (b.1969 in Indonesia) is an impressionist, figurative and realist painter. There are some of his paintings with some abstract elements. I his paintings he likes to adopt direct relations his characters to the surroundings, resulting in artworks that explore various social issues that occur in society today. Hudi is a painter who paints activities that are far from fantasy. It is evident especially through his creations for the last decade where he uses themes of everyday life reality. His painting that stresses anti-fantasy is “Urban Solitary,” which won as one of the best artworks in UOB Painting of the year 2018.

In “Urban Solitary,” Hudi gives a message of awareness that the technology revolution, which has buried our civilisation with a variety of advanced devices (on purpose) forget to account on the negative impact that arises from all of these electronic trashes. Negligence such as this as said by Ibrahim Shaffi, Technical Program Officer for the Secretariat of the Basel Convention: contributes to the scariest global warming on planet earth.

Hudi is a skilled painter who is very good at manipulating his brush. As a result, he can produce various genres of painting and even art styles. He feels his skill is a gift that must be nurtured and shown at the right time.

Therefore, in the midst of successfully demonstrating his ability in creating realist paintings with astonishing techniques, Hudi also created semi-abstract and even completely abstract paintings. Interestingly, the themes of his art also revolve around the life of ordinary people.

Hudi Alfa is a painter who has not refrained in the narrow space of art because he always moves freely following his passion. This independence makes him a true artist. Reputable collectors collect Hudi Alfa’s artworks in Indonesia and overseas. His artworks have sold by well-known auction houses like 33 Auction (Singapore, Indonesia), Masterpiece (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia), Edge Auction (Malaysia) and others.


– Finalist Painting Contest INDONESIA ANTI KORUPSI

– 1st Winner INDONESIA TANPA DISKRIMINASI by Yayasan Denny J.A

– Bronze Award UOB Painting of the year 2016

– Finalist UOB Painting of the year 2017

– Silver Award UOB Painting of the year 2018


2013 : “Man Mind” at Cemara6 Gallery, Jakarta.

2014 : “Women In Red” at TIM

2015 : “Menembus Batas” at Balai Budaya Jakarta

2017 : “Reborn” at Rumah Jawa Gallery, Kemang, Jakarta.

2018 : “Singapore International Art Fair (SIAF), Singapore

Solo Exhibition at Kempinsky Hotel, Jakarta

2019 : “Life Reborn” at Sunrise Gallery, Jakarta 


1995 – 2000 : Various Group Exhibition

2005 : Exhibition at TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki) organized by DKJ

2007 : Potret Kita at Museum Basuki Abdullah

2010 : Dinamika Kota at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

2011 : Surabaya In My Eyes at Museum Sampoerna Surabaya

2014 : Exhibition at Teater Kecil TIM

2016 : Exhibition at Ciputra World and 5 Star Hotels

Artefak Laut Kidul, at Papuri, Bandung.

2017 : Artivities Now at ArtSerpong Gallery

When Artistic Meets Technology at Kunstkring Gallery.

Art Fair Exhibition”, Hongkong.

“Art Bazaar, Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta.

Fashion Meet Art, Seminyak, Bali.

2018 : Indonesian Art Exhibition, Standing With The Master” at Jababeka, Cikarang – Jakarta.

Group Exhibition at The Peak, Bandung

Exhibition at Intercontinental, Bandung

“2018 UOB Painting of the year at National Gallery, Jakarta

“Spirit of Potret” at Museum Basoeki Abdullah, Jakarta

2019 : “NU HOPE” at NuArt Museum, Bandung

“Global Art Singapore” at MBS – Singapore

William Lee


(b. 1964 in Singapore) He was always artistic. He had a connection with the Art throughout his childhood. His interest in Art was intensified during his teenage years and later when he decided to study Art. His formation LaSalle Art School taught by the later Brother Joseph McNally, who has instilled in him that:” the Art is in the refinement and not the change.”

Growing up he realized that everything is transient, the National Libraries, the Van Kleef Aquariums. All are photographs of the past. He says: “Being a sentimentalist, I want to capture Singapore in a way that I know and can, that is through my black and white acrylic paintings, which incidentally adds a dash of nostalgia.”

“I hope to share with the viewer a glimpse of the Singapore that I have grown up in and to cherish what is still here and reminisce what was.” William is multidisciplinary in murals, painting, comical caricature, silhouette cutting, rock painting, wire sculpture, a 3D illusion.

His hope is for people of all ages to enjoy his artworks.

Selected exhibitions

2019 – “Images of Singapore”, LivingwithArt Singapore

2017 – “Nostalgic”, Merlin Art Gallery

Thomas Yeo


Thomas Yeo is a prominent Singapore second-generation artist. A 1984 Cultural Medallion recipient, Yeo has been an artist for almost 60 years since his first solo exhibition at the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1960. Yeo was educated at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Chelsea School of Art (now Chelsea College of Art and Design) and Hammersmith College of Art and Building, where he held his First overseas solo show at the Cathay Gallery, London, in 1963. During his course at NAFA, he studied under pioneer painters such as Georgette Chen and Cheong Soo Pieng.

After graduating from academy in 1960, Yeo spent the past year painting every weekend, building up a collection of about 60 paintings. He decided to hold an exhibition to try and sell these paintings, and this exhibition was opened by then Deputy Prime Minister Toh Chin Chye, and the publicity enabled around 50 of Yeo’s paintings to be sold within three days. On the last day of the exhibition, an English tourist bought up the rest of the unsold paintings.

From 1973 to 1977, he held solo exhibitions in Singapore and Australia. Yeo won second prize in the UOB Painting of the Year 1983 competition in Singapore which recognises top talent in the region. His modern works have been described as “highly imaginative landscapes of the unconscious mind.” Yeo is also an active supporter of Singapore and Southeast Asian art, and has served as chairman of the Shell Discovery Art Awards and president of the Modern Art Society, Singapore.


Selected solo exhibitions

1960: Watercolours, Oils and Chinese Ink, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Singapore.

1963: Malaysian Landscapes, Cathay Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

1966: The New Image, National Library, Singapore.

1970: Mixed Media, Galleri II, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1971: Seascapes and Landscapes, National Library, Singapore.

1973: Poetry in Landscapes, Raya Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

1974: Recent Landscapes and Abstract Acrylics, National Library, Singapore.

1974: Visions of Asia, Skinner Gallery, Perth, Australia.

1978: Recent Paintings and Collages, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1986: Landscapes and Abstract Citiscapes, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1987: Asian Landscapes and Collages, ZB Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

1987: Mixed Media Landscapes and Collages, Sparkasse Art Gallery, Waidhofen, Austria.

1987: Modern Asian Landscapes, Melnikow Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany.

1989: Recent Paintings, Galleri Ambrosia, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1992: Moving Colours 1988–1992, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1997: Thomas Yeo: A Retrospective, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore.

2000: Thomas Yeo: Four Decades, Leal Senado Bulding, Provincial Municipal Council of Macau, Macau SAR.

2002: Beyond Tradition (art exhibition cum workshop), Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2003: Beyond Tradition (art exhibition cum workshop), National Faculty of Fine Arts, Vientiane, Laos.

2005: Thomas Yeo: Contrasting Images, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

2007: Thomas Yeo: Reflections. A Fundraising Art Exhibition for The Substation, Singapore.

2009: Thomas Yeo: Recent Works 2006–2009, Artfolio Gallery, Singapore.

2013: Thomas Yeo: Recapturing. The Substation, Singapore.

2018: Thomas Yeo – Now & Then: New Paintings and Works from his collection, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.


Selected group exhibitions

1962: Young Commonwealth Artists, R.B.A. Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

1963: Young Artists of Promise, Heals Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

1965: Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, United Kingdom.

1967: Four Painters from the Commonwealth, represented Singapore at the Brighton Arts Festival, Brighton, United Kingdom.

1968: 17th Annual Art Exhibition, National Museum, Cardiff, Wales.

1969: Grand Art Exhibition, Victoria Memorial Hall, Singapore.

1970: PATA Conference, New Zealand.

1971: Jetron Art Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.

1973: ASEAN Touring Art Exhibition, Art Galleries, ASEAN Countries.

1976: Inaugural Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1982: Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Singapore Festival of Arts: National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1983: New Images ‘83, Modern Art Society Exhibition, Singapore.

1984: 25 Years of Art in Singapore, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1984: Singapore Art, a Decade 1974-84, Singapore Festival of Arts: National Museum Art Gallery.

1986: Asian Contemporary Art, Singapore Festival of Arts, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1986: Seoul Contemporary Asian Art Show, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea.

1987: Centenary Art Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1988: The Second Decade, Masterpieces from Private Collections, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1989: New York Art Expo Exhibition, Jacob K Javits Convention Centre, New York, USA.

1989–1991: Contemporary Art in Singapore, Where East Meets West, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam; Deutsche Bank AG, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Nurenberg, Mannheim, Groningen and Glasgow.

1991: 11 Singapore Artists for New York Art Expo, Jacob K Javits Convention Centre, New York, USA.

1991 : Many in One, 25 Years of Art from Singapore, Meridian House International, Washington DC, USA.

1992: 6th Asian International Art Exhibition, Tagawa Museum of Art, Japan.

1992: 7th Asian International Art Exhibition, Bandung Museum of Art, Bandung, Indonesia.

1993: 8th Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka City Art Museum & Tagawa City Art Museum, Japan.

1994: 9th Asian International Art Exhibition, National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan.

1995: 10th Asian International Art Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.

1999: NAFA Cross-Century Art Exhibition, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Selegie Art Gallery, Singapore.

2006: 20th Asian International Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore.

2009: Nanyang 70 years after, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

2015: Siapa nama kamu? Art in Singapore since the 19th century, DBS Singapore Gallery, National Gallery Singapore.

2016: Cultural Medallion Visual Arts 1979–2015, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

2017: Transcend – 50 years of Singapore Modern Art, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore.


Selected commissioned works

Red Lion Restaurant, Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Rank Xerox Ltd, Singapore.

Ministry of National Development, Singapore.

Singapore Science Centre, Omni-Theatre, Singapore.

Pico Art International Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

Istana Negara, Singapore.

Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.


Awards and achievements

1961–1964: Lee Foundation Study Award, Singapore.

1970: Second Prize, Instant Asia Art Competition, Singapore.

1971: First Prize, SIA Mural Competition, Singapore.

1983: Second Prize, UOB Painting of the Year Competition, Singapore.

1984: Cultural Medallion Award, Government of Singapore.

1984: Prize Winner, UOB Painting of the Year Competition, Singapore.

1989: Heineken International Art Award, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1991: SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals Golden Circle Award, United Kingdom.

1995: Pingat APAD, Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya, Singapore.


Other art-related activities

1980–1986: Visual Arts Advisory Committee Member, Ministry of Community Development, Singapore.

1984: Represents Singapore at the ASEAN Art Symposium, Manila, Philippines.

1986–2002: Chairman, Shell Discovery Art Exhibition Advisory Committee, Singapore.

1987: Master Painter, 5th ASEAN Youth Workshop, Singapore.

1991–2003: Art Consultant, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

1992–1994: Arts Advisor, National Arts Council, Singapore.

1994: Member of Art Acquisition Advisory Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.

1994–1999: President, Modern Art Society, Singapore.

1994–2004: Judge, Singapore ASEAN Art Awards, Philip Morris Group of Companies, Singapore.

2000: Judge, Montblanc Cultural Award, Singapore.

2004: Honorary Member, Indonesia-Singapore Friendship Association, Singapore.