Francesco Lietti

Born in Lecco, on the southern shore of Lake Como in Italy. He studied architecture in Milan and furthered his studies in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, La Seine, and also at the Clerkenwell College of Printing in London and lived in London for the next decade after that. From a young age, he has always enjoyed drawing and did a lot of experimenting with different types of paint.His bodies of work comprises mainly of collages using acrylic and paper cuts with snippets of his memory and fantasy about the places that he had travelled to. He recreates the key elements of cities, places as well as their unique landscapes. The paintings are usually composed with two contrasting elements. For example, in his collection of Hong Kong paintings, the city contrasts with nature, a cluster if tall, slim buildings reflected against a backdrop of green, rolling hills.His works are featured in private collections worldwide and has been in a multitude of solo and group exhibitions in London, Hong Kong, Como, Milan, Venezia, Barcelona, Singapore, Seoul, ShenZhen and Macau.