Hudi Alfa

Hudi Alfa is an impressionist, figurative and realist painter. His artworks have been sold and collected by reputable collectors and are sold in well-known auction houses such as 33 Auction, Masterpiece and Edge Auction. He has also participated in numerous exhibitions and his painting “Urban Solitary” won one of the best artworks in UOB Painting of the Year 2018.Hudi is a skilled painter who is able to produce various genres of painting and art styles. He is able to create realistic paintings as well as semi-realistic and abstract. Hudi’s works comprises of quick strokes of the brush and textures are placed on the canvas with a palette knife to bring a striking burst of colours onto the painting. The compositions of his paintings are placed in such a way to create a sense of space and harmony in the elements of the paintings.The themes of his artworks revolve around the daily life of ordinary people. In his paintings, he often adopts direct approach among the subject, object and their surroundings and uses the relationship between them to explore the various social issues that occur in our society.


More About Hudi Alfa

– Silver Award UOB Painting of The Year 2018 – Finalist UOB Painting of The Year 2017 – Bronze Award UOB Painting of The Year 2016 – 1st Winner INDONESIA TANPA DISKRIMINASI by Yayasan Denny J.A – Finalist Painting Contest INDONESIA ANTI KORUPSI