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Jays Phua – Brilliant Legacy

Artist Profile: Jays Phua

22 Oct, 2021

Having led an exciting life and seeing the world
through his unique lens of opportunities and
wonders, Jays Phua presents “Brilliant Legacy” – a
series of abstract paintings that explore the idea
of Art as if it were the gem itself:

Is a work of art like a diamond? When you apply
more focus and creative intensity, does it make
the artwork shine brighter? Does the pressure to
create perfect art create more unique and
precious works of art?

Energetic lines push inwards, toward the centre of
each piece. The movement of the brush strokes,
symbolize the pressure that created the painting,
the “diamond”, as well as the prism structure of
the gem itself. The high contrast of black and
white, gold and blue, emulate the crystalline
structure of each piece while illuminating the
stress it took to create each unique piece, each
“Brilliant Legacy”.

Download the catalogue here.

Exhibition Details
6th – 3oth Nov 2021
315 Outram Road, #02-04 Singapore 169074
11am – 7pm, Open Daily

Artist Meet and Greet
5th Nov 2021
315 Outram Road, #02-04 Singapore 169074
2pm – 6pm
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