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8 Jan, 2022 - 18 Jan, 2022

This exhibition titled “Re-creation Experience” reflects my thoughts, feelings, and experience regarding the two mediums as well as the personal touch of pottery. “The changing times of maritime transport and the gradual fading of urban culture” – I watched in contemplation on the achievements that we have made and what advancements can be even in the years to come – do these components carry the function of building cities still have this function? My art takes on a retrospective experience behind the possible changes in human history and cities, invoking a sense of belonging and nostalgia. My works allow you to immerse yourself in the time and space and experience the vibe of the subject. These artworks are beautiful and vibrant, showcasing the techniques and unique style of the artist. The greatest characteristic of ceramic clay is its infinite plasticity. Even in the plane of two-dimensional painting,
we can use the plasticity of ceramic clay to achieve a breakthrough in the work to present the richness of vision and multiple languages, exploring more perspective in art. The journey and works of “Ceramics and Painting” are limitless and much to explore. The works of renowned Singapore Sculptor, the late Mr. Ng Eng Teng, explored the
integration “Eastern and Western Art” was impressive! For us, I believe that “integration between eastern and western art” must include the consideration of the materials chosen and I believe the most optimal material is ceramic. My view might seem bias, but I believe that there is no better material that can convey the best experience than ceramic.

There are many things that ceramics can reprsent. Beyond a doubt, ceramics is akin to the encyclopedia of mankind. Through this, I feel that the artistic creation of the medium of “ceramics and painting” should broaden its creative range as much as possible. The fusion of painting materials will expand the expressiveness, language and space of ceramics and paintings. In the last decade, many artists represented our generation. They committed themselves to the craft with hard work and dedication. The different experiences and the cultures that they brought with them have enriched our views and aesthetics of ceramics. They made us realize that we should understand ceramic materials more from the perspective of painting, rather than just solely on craftsmanship. In my art, I combined the use of western oil painting with the three-dimensional sense of ceramics, as well as the consideration of space in ceramic art. When creating art, I would often picture a channel in my mind, consider and look at everything in life from a professional point of view. I believe it is important for every artist to create art from a similar perspective. The Theme: “Re-Creating Experience” changes with the flow of time and memories; it leads to a new vision that is free from tradition. The natural appearance and elaborate texture of the works allow my work to clearly convey the restrained and emotions in freedom. My work explores the unique way of ceramic making, expressing my inner emotions with the infinite possibilities of the material. The work is vibrant and novel yet nostalgic.

By Ong Kok Peng

Download the catalogue here.

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8 Jan, 2022
18 Jan, 2022


Gallery 1819
315 Outram Road #02-04, Tan Boon Liat Building169074Singapore