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3 Part Series – Zhu Hui Min

Artist Profile: Zhu Hui Min

5 Oct, 2022

Zhu Huimin’s early works focus on the research of techniques under the tutelage of Master Wu Guanzhong. He re-inventing Master Wu’s style into more simplified and graphic shapes.

In the 3 Part Series, Zhu’s masterly works of art fill us with unpredictable excitement, mystery, and originality, creating a unique painterly effect. The small and large dots breaking the composition forms Zhu’s complete and unique “Comprehensive Ink Painting – 綜合水墨” system. Zhu uses the organic combination of dots, lines, and planes to create a new way of illustrating the sceneries of Jiangnan.

Chapter One
In the course of more than ten years of exploration, the white walls and black tiles, the flying swallows of the arch bridge, and the willows of the boats take on a symbolic representation of Wu’s Jiangnan. The memory, the Watertown that the artist lived as a child, incorporates intense colours to make the painting more vibrant.

Chapter Two
After 2015, the painting style began to change, from figurative to imagery, from rationality to sensibility, using a high degree of control, creation, reorganisation, which brought about a change in aesthetics.

Chapter Three
In 2019, the inherent pattern of Chinese ink painting in traditional painting is broken between figurative and abstraction. Break, separate and smash the original relatively figurative paintings, looking for vaguely visible images in the fragments, letting the pictures and colour blocks randomly reassemble freely, finding the vitality of transformation, discovering and creating a new artistic conception, and continue to improve, so that the works are more mysterious and unpredictable. He formed his own artistic style and created a new world of abstract painting that belonged to Zhu Huimin.

Exhibition Details:
7th – 31st Oct 2022
315 Outram Road, #02-04, Singapore 169074
11AM – 7PM, Open Daily


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