Raymond Lau Poo Seng

Raymond Lau Poo Seng, a talented artist from Singapore, faced the challenges of Tourette Syndrome and a humble background. His artistic talent was recognized by his school principal, leading him to pursue art at LaSalle College of the Arts. Despite obstacles, he excelled, winning awards and eventually earning a Fine Arts degree from the University of Tasmania. Raymond's determination prevailed, even through a life-threatening illness. He gained recognition in New York and held successful solo exhibitions. His contributions to the community and dedication to teaching art further highlight his resilience. Raymond's story, marked by triumph over adversity, serves as an inspiring testament to the human spirit.

More About Raymond Lau Poo Seng

Recognition for the mastery of his young talent culminated in the Young Artist Award for 2001, bestowed by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

Raymond Lau's artistic journey continued with his fourth solo exhibition, "Canvas to Canvas" in 2000, curated by T.K. Sabapathy at the Substation Art Gallery. Following that, he presented his fifth solo exhibition, "Motherland," in late May 2002. In 2003, he held his sixth solo show, titled "Mural... Musing on my Wall." These exhibitions marked his ongoing exploration of artistic expression and themes, showcasing his dedication to his craft and his unique perspective.